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A book helps you to raise your visibility, find new clients and enables you to be seen as an expert. 

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Go from being at a crossroads and no idea of your direction to discovering what you want to create, setting a compelling vision and designing a business that you love.

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Design a product and services blueprint, put them on your road map. Delight customers with products that they will love.

Discover what you want to create, where you are going, write a book, build your brand, know what you want to be known for and design a product blueprint and roadmap so that you have a business that you love.

Everybody needs a reliable sounding board, someone to listen to you without judgement, with whom you can bounce your ideas around and find the one thing that you can move forward with.

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Work With Dale

Words have the power to change the world.

Books, personal brand and business are the things that drive my passion

Hi, I'm Dale, a coach and business mentor

I work with successful people who want more visibility with their message. Who want to make a difference in the world with their books, products and services. And who love what they do. They simply want to be more strategic.

My role is to enable your message to be seen and heard through the medium of a book and a blog and then using the book template to create other products and services which help you to generate a sustainable income and create a business that you love.

Writing a book is an incredible experience. Holding a book in your hands is emotional, but better than that is seeing the impact it has on others.

A book is a brand asset. It is something that will enable you to be seen as an expert, and to create other profitable products and services around, and that’s where the value lies.

When I think about writing a book I always ask - If no-one ever hears your story and message  and you never tell it, where is it going to go? Without action, your idea remains just an idea.

Join me in making a difference by inspiring your community.

  • Help you to gain clarity around your business, brand and book ideas
  • Help you to set compelling your goals/outcomes and hold you accountable
  • Work with you to discover your vision, values, passion and purpose
  • Find the heart spot of your book - right book for right now. The one that is going to enable you to be seen as an authority
  • Help you to develop products and services around your book and ideas, so that you can generate a sustainable income
  • And create a business that you love

Come with me on an adventure and let's get your inspirational message shared in the right way.

Are you prepared to become a person who makes a difference? Are you ready to create an impact? Are you ready to share your story and wisdom? Are you ready to write a book which will make a difference in the world?

They say

'Dale acted as a catalyst that kept me going when it got tough! Writing a book is a personal journey of breaking through a number of limiting beliefs that can give a new author many difficult days and nights of self- doubt. Dale provided constant cheer leader support, encouragement and structure. I would highly recommend her to any new budding authors.'  Andro Donovan - Motivate Yourself

Big shout out to Dale who's been helped me with structural editing for my book 'The Coach's Guide to Impostor Syndrome'. I'd written the content but it felt clunky, didn't flow and had obvious flaws like repetition. I didn't know how to fix it so I was feeling overwhelmed and helpless. Not fun!

Dale gave me great suggestions, tamed the confusing parts and told me the practical (and creative) steps. Now I'm really excited to be editing!! Tara Halliday - Unmasked

'The entire process of producing a high quality book and brand has been made a lot more straight-forward with Dale's help and extensive contacts. Our regular Skype consultations were extremely valuable, informative and always left me feeling motivated and raring to go with my project. Writing a book is a massive challenge, but Dale sets a clear path and provides high quality, personal support, every step of the way. If you want someone professional yet approachable to help you with any aspect of writing or producing your book, I would highly recommend Dale and will definitely use her services again in the future.'  Eva George - Size HH


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