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Write a book

 write a book

Let's work together to discover the right idea and story to share, write your book, know why and how you will share your message.


personal brand

Forget logos, creating a personal brand that rocks means exploring who you are and what you want to be known for.


business you love

Do what you love, what you are good at, what the world needs and what you can be paid for and you have a business that you love.

Write your book

Write a book, build a business

Write a book, create a business you love

What else?


Turning your story, knowledge, skills and experiences into a profitable strategy

Sounding Board

Woman with ideas

Someone who will listen and help you make sense of your ideas, the messy stuff around your stories, your book and life.

Product development


Online courses, workshops, retreats, coaching... We can also plan, design and turn your book into a course.

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Are you ready?

Do you have a story and inspirational message to share? Does your brand need a refresh? Business plan old and dusty? Do you have lots to share but not sure how to productise it? Are you stuck in somewhere in the middle of your book and thinking 'I'll never finish this!'? Have you written a first draft and need another pair of eyes? Do you want a sounding board for your business, life and stuff? 

Get ready to share your knowledge, skills and experiences...

Come with me on an adventure and let's get your inspirational message shared in the right way.

Dale Darley

'Dale acted as a catalyst that kept me going when it got tough! Writing a book is a personal journey of breaking through a number of limiting beliefs that can give a new author many difficult days and nights of self- doubt. Dale provided constant cheer leader support, encouragement and structure. I would highly recommend her to any new budding authors.' Andro Donovan - Motivate Yourself

As your coach I can...

  • Help you get clear on your goals/outcomes and hold you accountable
  • Support you through any challenges
  • Listen to you without judgement
  • Help you to develop a plan and strategy (life, book, course, marketing, personal brand...)
  • Support you to find ways of working that mean you will get your book (or whatever you are working on) not only started, but finished 

Let's work together 

'The entire process of producing a high quality book and brand has been made a lot more straight-forward with Dale's help and extensive contacts. Our regular Skype consultations were extremely valuable, informative and always left me feeling motivated and raring to go with my project. Writing a book is a massive challenge, but Dale sets a clear path and provides high quality, personal support, every step of the way. If you want someone professional yet approachable to help you with any aspect of writing or producing your book, I would highly recommend Dale and will definitely use her services again in the future.' Eva George - Size HH

Grab your Book Brand Business E-Book & book plan

Book brand business

A book is so much more than a book. As you plan and write your life and business will change.

Before you write you need to think about your business and your brand.

This e-book will get you thinking about the right book for your business and brand.

You will receive your e-book and an Excel spreadsheet with all of the write your book steps on for you to use and update as you go along.

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