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10 steps to creating a brilliant book outline for any non-fiction book
I’ve talked before about people who pants it when writing a book and those that outline and what the benefits[...]
What is your legacy? Should you write a book?
Soon I'll start a new journal for a new month. I like to start each month with a new journal[...]
Why Do I Do What I Do?
Do you sometimes, perhaps when tired, wonder ‘why am I doing this? I know that I have. About 5 years[...]
Write A Book #1 – Why Do You Want To Write A Book #1?
I recently stated that I was not going to write a book that was not one of my journaling books[...]
How To Clear Creative Constipation And Write Again
When something is important to you, you will find time in your schedule, no matter what. Or you'd like to think[...]
Write A Book? Not Me, What Else Can I Produce?
Recently I had a great conversation with someone who said they wanted to write a book. The problem as they[...]
Simple Steps To Becoming A More Confident Writer
There are times when life and writing can put you in a state of anything other than a confident writer.[...]
How To Create Focused Writing Time
This morning my mind was full of all kinds of things I could do rather than to create some focused[...]
How To Find The Inspiration To Write A Book
Are you trying to write a book and struggling? Or even any piece of writing? Inspiration is everywhere. Know that[...]
When Writing A Book Is Not The Right Thing To Do
This week I read a great post from someone who said how dreadful his experience of writing a book was.[...]
How To Turn A Journal Into A Book
One of the questions I am often asked is how to turn a journal into a book. And it’s a[...]
Reasons Why You Can’t Write A Book And How To Get Through It
Nothing to do with how to write a book, but Saturday morning I was pondering life, the Universe and what[...]
Things You Need To Know About The Book Editing Process
No matter how good a writer you are, there are several things that you must not skimp on, one is[...]
Why You Need To Create Your Book Marketing Plan Now
This morning I’ve been updating my book plans, which includes my book marketing plan and product and services roadmap. It’s[...]
How To Write A Book In A Day
When I think about how I write a book, like anything in life it’s a process. When I decided to[...]
How Do You Define Success When You Are Writing A Book
Success means different things to different people. You may write a book and never publish it, yet it is a[...]
Getting To The Heart Of Why You Are Writing A Book
Let's explore why you are writing a book. It is, I believe a very personal journey and one that you[...]
101 Questions To Ask Before Writing A Book
Writing a book is a big undertaking and something that I think people often shy away from because it feels[...]

101 questions to ask before you write a book