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People just like you want to share their knowledge, skills and experiences and make a difference. You also want...


More of the right clients who understand what you can support them with


Less overwhelm and an easier way to write and blog your book 


A book and a blog which positions you as an expert - which after all you are

Which are you?

blog your book

A blogger who wants to write a book?

As a blogger you will have amassed a great body of content. With a little jiggery and pokery you can turn this into a great book or series of books. We'll work together to choose the right book, understand the customer journey and design a brilliant outline. Together we will get your book written and published.

Blog your book author

An author who wants to blog their book and build an author platform?

So often once the book is written, it gets a bit dusty (just like a business plan). Blogging your book will revive it and help you to reconnect to the people that you wrote it for. Blogging your book is a amazing way to build your brand and your author platform. And you can do this with ease and without overwhelm.


A coach, consultant, therapist who wants to write a book and blog their book?

You want a book, it's been a long held dream and you want to be able to do it in chunks while you run your busy business. Once your book is outlined and you are ready to write, blogging it will show off your expertise, connect with your potential customers and enable you to write your book with ease.

How can we make this possible for you?

A great book is no longer enough. Having a brilliant author platform is a powerful way to create an engaged audience and raving fans. Blogging your book is a fantastic way to connect with your clients and readers.

121 Blog Coaching

Work together to create a book and blog which will help you to deliver your message, build your credibility and message.

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Blog Your Book

Join this program which will see you getting your book planned, outlined and blogged.

Blog Your Book Program

BYB Author Platform

Blog your book, build your author platform. Raise your visibility, drive traffic to your site and convert visitors to customers.

Blog Your Book Program

BYB Online Course

Discover the right book to write, know who it's for, have it outlined, blogs written and be ready to edit and publish with this online course

Blog Your Book Course

Discover what you want to create, where you are going, write a book, build your author platform and brand, know what you want to be known for and design a product blueprint and roadmap so that you have a business that you love.

Not all marketing people are writers, but all writers must learn to be marketers. Joanne Kraft