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How To Be a More Productive Writer
The quest for most people who want to write books or blogs is how to be a more productive writer.[...]
Blogs Post Ideas That Will Delight Your Readers #1
When it comes to blogging your book, you need to think of blog post ideas that not only delight your[...]
How to blog a book, raise your visibility and be seen as an expert
One of the best ways to write a book is to blog a book. Blogging offers the writer a great[...]
How to write a book in WordPress #2
In a previous article, we looked at one way to write a book in WordPress. In this article, we are[...]
How To Write A Nonfiction Book Proposal
There are several reasons to write a book proposal, and even if you are not looking for an agent and[...]
How to build a business around your book – part #1 ideas
Many people who want to write a book, dream of how their book will make them money and change their[...]
Three Powerful Ways To Write Your Healing Book
What to do when the urge to write your healing book is strong. Here are three ways to consider to[...]
Dealing with stress the write way
Life hasn't always been a bed a roses. Though why anyone would lie in roses with all of the thorns[...]
How long does it take to write a book?
How long will it take me to write a book? As you can imagine I get asked a lot about[...]
4 More Common Excuses For Writer’s Block And How To Recognise Them
4 more common excuses for writer’s block In the previous article on writer's block we looked at four other excuses[...]
4 Common Excuses For Writer’s Block And How To Recognise Them
Whenever I look at a screen or piece of paper and think oh man I cannot write, which isn't often,[...]
Discover What Your Ideal Reader Is Thinking And Read Book Reviews
When you discover what your ideal reader is thinking you will be amazed. There are many ways and places to[...]
How to change your story simply with a journal
There's a story that I am running around my head right now. It comes unbidden and catches me off guard.[...]
How does your inner critic stand in the way of your writing?
Do you have an inner critic that stands in the way of something you want to achieve?Today one of my[...]
3 good reasons to not write a book and how to reframe positively
So… someone had told you to write a book. They tell you that you have a great story or that[...]
Writing a memoir, finding memories in music
When writing a memoir there are so many ways to find inspiration. The question for me is never what is[...]
12 Benefits Of Creating A Book Outline
There are many benefits to creating a book outline, but before you do decide to plan it and reap those[...]
Writing a book, not going well? How to sort it out
When it comes to writing a book, good books don’t just happen, they are designed or should I say outlined?[...]