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Get prepared for blue Monday with 101 days of being me
Do you get the Monday morning blues? What is a blue Monday anyway? What is Blue Monday?How do you prepare[...]
Become a better writer and change your life by reading books
We often read that to become a better writer that the way forward is through reading books. I agree with[...]
Kick-start your BIG Book Project with the My Book Exercise
One of the best ways to get connected to writing your book is to try this fun and very simple[...]
How to create a sacred writing space
Finding the perfect and sacred writing space will enable your writing to flow and encourage you to write more. When[...]
How will 101 days of journaling help you to write a book?
Anyone who knows me, knows that I love to write. I adore journaling to get to the heart of who[...]
Why you should write a book, share your story and change lives #1
It's pretty obvious that I would suggest that you 'should' write a book. But it may not be for the[...]
Motivate yourself with a book cover journal
Today I had fun creating a book cover journal. I was making the interior for a journal and was thinking[...]
Are you your ideal reader? Yes, no or maybe?
This is a curious question, are you your ideal reader? The answer is you might have been when you started[...]
Nonfiction writers: How to find your ideal reader via market segmentation
How do you compete with all of the other nonfiction writers in your genre to make sure your ideal reader,[...]
How to write a book in WordPress #2
In a previous article, we looked at one way to write a book in WordPress. In this article, we are[...]
How to write a book in WordPress
Do you really want to write a book in WordPress? Ok, let’s rephrase that and ask why would you write[...]
Being prepared to blog your book, the right way
Having a blog is a wonderful way to build your brand, show off your knowledge, skills and experience and write[...]
Organising and repurposing your blog into a book #1
Organising and repurposing your blog into a book and then an online course, is a great way to efficiently use content that you already[...]
What is your legacy? Should you write a book?
A few days ago I started a new journal for a new month. I like to start a new journal[...]
Journaling, making memories and writing memoir
Journaling has saved my life many times as I poured my heart and soul onto blank pages and shared a[...]
What kind of book should I write and why?
“If you would not be forgotten as soon as you are dead, either write something worth reading or do something[...]

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