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Create a business that you love

Do what you love, are good at, what the world needs and what you can get paid for and you will have a business that you love.

Having a vision, core message and mission will help to support the business plan. 

Planning, especially creative planning is fun. When you can see the big picture transformed into tangible every day actions you will see your plan coming alive. 

Having goals or what I call a bucket list for your soul focuses your mind on what you want in all areas of your life. Business and life are linked and when you can connect the dots holistically you will have a business and life that you love.

Part of the ideation process is turning your ideas into books, products, services and processes that result in you being able to share your knowledge, skills and experiences in a profitable way.

You have a voice that needs to be heard, you can do that through the assets you create for your business and clients.

What we will be exploring

Where you are

where you are

Putting a stake in the ground and looking around you. Uncovering where you are with an audit.

Where you want to go

where you are going

Understanding just where you are headed. Uncovering core message, vision and mission.

How to get there

how to get there

Planning the route. Uncovering the plan that will get you where you want to go.

Moving forward

You are probably...

Woman with ideas

You are probably doing a lot of 121 work, frustrated by your current business model and the stale ideas that you keep tossing around your brain.

You could feel content in your current career or business, but something is calling you.

There comes a time when you need to make space for ideas, opportunities, possibilities and clarity. When you lose the passion for what you do, life can feel stale and unexciting.

By rethinking what you do, how you do it and leveraging your knowledge is an adventure into a new world for you.

You want to write a book and build a brand and business around it.

You are ready to create a business that you love.

Formulating a strategy

book_Brand_Business - create a business you love

Creative planning

Clarity, focus, possibilities, opportunities, confidence in the plan.

What kind of business model?

It's exciting when you realise what you want to create. You will find a model that works for you.

The strategic plan

Next comes the strategic plan, where we will map goals, outcomes, milestones and resources. We will ask what are the priorities? After which we will drill down into the details - because somehow we have to implement all of these great ideas.

Feedback and measurement

Finally the feedback and measurement stage. Now we want to know how will you measure success, it’s not always about the profit, other metrics count, what are they? Feedback – what is working, what isn’t, what needs tweaking, putting on the back burner or ditched?

Formulating a plan means choosing the right set of ingredients to help you realise your goals.

No two strategies will be the same, because no two people or organisations are the same.

We start with...

An audit that covers you and your business and that will reveal a great deal about:-

  • all about you and finding your ikigai
  • how you like to work, your vision, passion, mission, values and core message
  • current products and services
  • competitors and your market
  • what is working and what isn't

Then we will run a sounding board session where the ideas will flow. Nothing is discounted. The madder the better. In there will be something that speaks to your heart. We can follow each of these to find out if they really are the 'thing' you want to run with.

We will then get clarity around:-

  • what do love to do, are good at, what the world needs and you can get paid for
  • your vision, passion, mission, values and core message
  • your goals
  • story
  • process

I promise to make it simple to move from where you are, to build a solid foundation, find out what it is you want to say and then create a stress-free approach to enabling you to share your message, in a way that resonates with you. 

Investment ideas: £145 per hour for ad hoc work | £1495 for 12 hours per month - remote working | Onsite - 3 or more days POA