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Journaling, making memories and writing memoir

Journaling, making memories and writing memoir

Journaling has saved my life many times as I poured my heart and soul onto blank pages and shared a whole range of stories, memories and emotions. These have become memoir. More specifically healing memoir.

I haven’t always published because just the act of writing a book can heal the trauma that surfaces through journaling. These healing memoirs are just as powerful as the memoirs that you write for actual publication where you seek to inspire and impact others.

Make no mistake whichever kindof memoir you write, it will change your life forever.

Memories can be healing, revealing, scary, upsetting, fun and a whole lot of emotions in-between. Every experience creates a memory in the library of your heart and soul. When you come to write a memoir and walk into that vast room, you may not know where or how to start – but you know you just have to start.

Personally, I think that when you start the journey into memoir the most important thing is that you allow.

What I mean by that is you allow yourself to wander through the library and enjoy the process of connecting your memories with new eyes. Also allowing whatever needs to arise in the moment.

Often I am confronted with something that triggers a memory, it seems at first disconnected to the memoir, personal story, book or blog that I am writing. And then just like that, it starts to make sense.

In that sense making process, I believe that we can create a sense of freedom.

Everything starts from within. Our beliefs about ‘things’ seem so deeply ingrained, yet when we explore with new eyes and open our hearts to the message that lies beneath we start to liberate ourselves from self-imposed tyranny.

Now I am not saying you will be jumping for joy when you are reminded of events. You may be happy and equally, you may cry. The important thing is that you allow, acknowledge, accept and then take some small action.

Let me give you an example.

A few weeks ago I went to a birthday meal celebration and after we headed back to the birthday house for music and chat.

They had an Alexa and while you may think it odd that I was rather fascinated with it, I loved that I could change the music at the drop of a hat and indulge myself.

While everyone was in the garden chatting I asked Alexa to find Nirvana for me. Songs like this take me back to another time when I would have been on the dance floor all night.

In January my spine fracture and stuff like dancing hurts and so to protect myself I don’t. But then a very curious thing happened.

I let myself relax into the words and let the music flow through me. Music and parties were a big part of my childhood. My parents, like many of their generation had regular house parties. They made a huge table of food, there was lots of noisy adults, masses of booze and music.

As the music played and I danced alone, many memories came back to me. I wasn’t at this party, I was back as a child twisting and laughing to John, I’m only dancing. In another memory, I was driving away from a company having just been made redundant – that was Nirvana and very loud. In yet another, I was at a Bowie concert lying on the floor staring at the sun. I was everywhere.

A friend of mine used to be called the phantom DJ because she would constantly change CD’s and stop songs part way through as her excitement for what was to come grew. It was confusing, but funny. I was teetering on the edge of taking her title when the hostess told me enough and to just let Alexa play.

One last song I begged and then I’m going to bed. ‘Alexa play Jolene.’ We all sang and danced to one last track. What a wonderful song to finish a lovely evening.

I haven’t been able to dance all year. This I thought is a memory that will go into my memoir – Healing Osteoporosis Naturally. It’s personal story with how to – a version of memoir. This party and dancing is part of my healing story. I was able to dance and I have come so far.

It’s been a crazy book to write.

The story has been an emotional roller coaster, as I wrote in my journal I changed. Every pen stroke was a piece for healing, something for reflection, an action, and part of the story that I would tell.

It’s been a hard book because of all of the technical research that I have had to do. Although I have trained in nutrition, it was like going to medical school and nutrition school all rolled into one. I must have read over 30 books and countless articles to understand how all of the systems of the body can become unbalanced and impact the bones.

My brain exploded as I made connections and made sense. And then it didn’t and then it did…

I wrote it as I worked out what my root cause was and experimented with nutrition. My life was all about osteoporosis and finding balance in this crazy world.

I was scared. I was certainly pig headed. No specialist doctor was going to shove poison in my body and ignore my questions. Who did they think they were anyway? 

Crying and endless senseless fear invaded the nights when I couldn’t sleep.

But I knew that I had to keep writing. I journaled through the terror and the research. At night when I wanted to get off this planet and for the pain to go away I journaled, reflected and made sense.

I found my root cause and a brilliant doctor, whom I amused with the books and research that I took in. He helped me with tests and bouncing ideas around and his faith in my ability to know how to heal me restored my faith in some of the medical profession.

If I hadn’t started a brand new journal just for this journey, I couldn’t have healed as quickly and I have been able to refer to it to help me stay true to my memories and write my book.

Take your time to write your memoir

Books like this (memoir and personal story) are not quick writes. You need to take time out and I have done just that. While I was immersed in my healing I wrote, researched and reflected. I also set up a website and a support group so that I could help others – that felt good and kept me grounded. My launch and marketing plan have been outlined. I am almost ready to unleash this book and now I am in the right frame of mind.

I’ve left this book for three months so far and will come back to edit ready for the launch soon. The time away has been equally healing. I wanted some time to be me, enjoy life and not be a nutrition, physiology and osteoporosis ‘expert’ (as much as a lay person can be). 

When I come back to this memoir, I am reminded that when I edit I must look beneath the stories and memories that make this memoir and to let whatever arises. There will be another call from my soul to release more.

You may think you are just writing a memoir, but in effect as you work on your book you are creating a pathway to inner freedom.

For you to ponder…

What is the core message of your memoir?

We always come back to the core message. A memoir is not just a story, there is a learning point or points in every chapter, which comes back to the core message.

In Healing Osteoporosis Naturally, I’m supporting people with a process to find their root cause and how to use natural healing to find balance in their lives, heal their bones and their hearts. They are then invited to designed a unique healing plan. Not dissimilar to planning and writing a book…

I’ve used techniques from my coaching in this healing memoir. For example I use a timeline exercise to help writers find the stories and content for their book. When we look at business the timeline enables you to find knowledge, skills and experiences and what you really love and are good at. In a memoir we discover memories. In journaling it’s about memories and making sense – finding the root cause of trauma.

In healing yourself and knowing how you got to this point is a big part of healing – so timelines is an invaluable process, which links to the core message of the book.

I’ve written this book because it helped me to heal and it taught me some valuable lessons for use in my book and business coaching.

However, the bigger message for me is to inspire you to have the courage to write your book, so that you can inspire others to heal and grow.

Do you have a powerful memoir or personal story to write and wondering where to start and if you could turn this into a business? Maybe you want to pivot what you do or add credibility to your existing business. Perhaps you just need to write it.

Start a new journal today, who knows where you will go with it. I’ve been scribbling in mine this morning with a cuppa and feel better for letting my words flow.

If writing a book to build your brand and business is

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PS: Start a new journal today. You will see you life change in many ways, just from daily writing.

Dale Darley

Dale lives in the hills in Spain with her three furry writing muses. She works with her clients to support them to plan and write a book, build their brand and create a business that they love.

  • Wow Dale. I’m in awe. I’ve been following your story this year, but I hadn’t connected memoir, journals and books in the way you’ve shared here.

    I’ve started my book, which at first I thought would be memoir, but when I planned it out, using your 7 day challenge, it was more of a sharing and teaching tool, using my experiences as case studies.

    You’ve just given me more to think about and explore to give this first book more purpose so it helps more people grow and develop and love their own business. Thank you 🙂

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