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Why you should write a book, share your story and change lives #1

Why you should write a book, share your story and change lives #1

It’s pretty obvious that I would suggest that you ‘should’ write a book. But it may not be for the reasons you think. Sure I am all for a book to build your brand and your business, however, I am an even bigger fan of writing to heal.

Words have the power to change lives. Yours, mine and a large number of people who need to know that if it is possible in the world for you, it is possible for them.

I hear this a lot ‘oh yeah, I’ve been told I should write a book but…

But what? Who would read it? I have nothing interesting to say? 

If there is one thing I want you to know, it is this – your story, your journey, the changes you made, your awakening and your inspirational message will change someone’s else’s life.

And they – your ideal readers are waiting to hear your story. They are waiting to heal.

How can I be so sure?

I know because I work with people who think that they are ordinary every day and yet to me, they have words of gold to share with the world. When I hear what they have been through and what they want to write, I can visualise the story coming alive. As well as seeing how they can use this book to build their brand and business.

When you have a story worth sharing (have faith, you do) and a desire to support others, people will respond and take action. Your ideal reader is waiting to improve their lives and are willing to take action. It doesn’t have to be massive action, just one small thing that tips the scales which creates courage and confidence to make more changes or to remove fear or create self-belief.

It seems to me that there is little point in experiencing life if we cannot use those lessons to help others.

And of course, to grow ourselves.

Naturally, there is a way to tell the story, so that it captivates the hearts and souls of others. However, once you have the idea and know what slice of life, you can outline it, create a chapter framework and write. A good coach and editor will help to keep you on track, help you to find and refine your voice and make sure the book and all of the ‘stuff’ that needs to happen around it go smoothly.

When you think about your story, it is not as if you have to have had a dreadful life. It is more that you have experiences that others need to hear and of course, you use your words responsibly. 

Your story will express your values and provide your reader with a sense of your purpose. You will write to emotionally connect.

Write a book, tell your story and heal

When you are emotionally connected to your book, your words will continue to heal you and when they reach the hearts of others, help them to heal.

Healing isn’t always about humans it could mean that you have helped to heal organisations or causes. Books have been altering peoples perceptions for centuries. Stories are how humanity learns, changes and heals.

In this TEDTalk from Andrew Soloman, he shares his stories (how the worst moments of our life make us who we are) and he talks about forging meaning and identity. There is one story that moves me deeply, you’ll know which one when you listen. She, touched by a dreadful event closes with this – ‘Yes, because he has a beautiful daughter and two beautiful grandchildren, and he doesn’t know that, and I do. So as it turns out, I’m the lucky one.’

I have no idea if she has written a book, but imagine how others who have experienced such an event could be supported to see it in another way? To reframe it and know that they are ‘lucky’. That is the power of story.


He ends with “Forge meaning. Build identity. Forge meaning. Build identity. And then invite the world to share your joy.”

When you write you will find yourself – you truly will. You will also find the people you are meant to support. You may never meet them or hear from them, but know that because of you, they could have made one small change that altered the course of their life. And in turn, that action helped someone else.

Know that your story and inspirational message can change and help heal lives. Pick the part that you want to share, start today, explore your personal story and think about how you can make a difference.

Also know that writing your book will give you clarity of purpose, help you to refine your message and give you a tool to use in many ways such as coaching, consultancy and online courses.

Books and stories change lives – start with yours and reach out to the world.

Today write a book to heal.

Remember to create yourself a book cover journal for the journey.

When you want to write a book and need some support

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Dale Darley

Dale lives in the hills in Spain with her three furry writing muses. She works with her clients to support them to plan and write a book, build their brand and create a business that they love.


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