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Unlock Your Inner Wisdom And Write Your Book

Writing your book will create a brand asset that will help to raise your credibility and position you as an expert. It becomes your blueprint for many other things.

Create Your Brand Asset

It is not just about telling your story or sharing your knowledge, skills and experiences, it is knowing that what you write will be read by others and that someone will be inspired by you.

Writing a book will help you to find your voice, develop clarity around your ideas and processes and inspire you to do more with it.

Your Outcomes

You will have the right book for right now. Written in your unique way.

You will know how to build your brand and business around your book and other how to develop other products and services.

You will be seen as an expert in your field, with increased visibility, a business you love and multiple revenue streams.

Write Your Non Fiction Book 1:1
WRITE! 6 month Mentoring Intensive
1:1 Writers Retreat in Spain
Write Your Book Club

Everybody walks past a thousand story ideas every day. The good writers are the ones who see five or six of them. Most people don’t see any. - Orson Scott

Your Investment Guide


Collaboration and accountability

  • Weekly coaching
  • Find the right book
  • Covers all 5 aspects - plan, pen, publish, promote and productise
  • Book cover specification
  • Choose this option to work month by month
  • £895 per month - payable in advance
1:1 Writers Retreat in Spain

Co-authoring and collaboration

  • One month private coaching in Spain
  • Private accommodation
  • Fully catered
  • Go from no idea to your book outlined
  • Focused writing time
  • Write your book and be ready to hand over to your publisher
  • From £30,000

Online Course

  • Write Your Non-Fiction Book
  • Turn Your Journal Into A Book
  • Write a book in a day
  • And any new book courses

Other services available

  • How to write a book proposal
  • Developmental editing (included in the 6 month option)
  • Create a product blueprint and turn your book into an online course and other products/services
  • How to blog your book

​Co-authoring services

With this service I work as your coach and as your co-writer. You book remains as your book and I do not appear on the credits as a co-writer. We agree a schedule of writing and work together to produce your book. Prices are dependent upon requirements.

E.g. A fully ghostwritten book of 30,000 words is from £9,000.

How long will it take to write a book?

Some people fly ahead and take 3-6 months, others up to a year. It depends on you and your commitment.

Final in person edit

Book a 3 - 5 days final edit in your home country or you can come to Spain. Costs are dependent upon your requirements.

What does this mean? It means that I will travel to a location close to you when you are ready for the final edit, I will come to you (unless you want to come to Spain) and we will work through your book to get the final manuscript ready for your proofreader or publisher.

Turn your book into a course

Once your book is with the proof reader (or earlier) we can put together the plan of how to turn your book into a course. We will deconstruct your book and create a learning and content plan ready for you to start recording. Plus consider how you will get your course completed and hosted.

Additional Costs

Writing, editing, transcribers, proof reading, cover design, interior design, uploading to online book stores, conversion to Kindle, printing and any other external publishing package you choose.

It’s not just about the book, it’s about the impact you can have with a book

And it's about the transformation that you will go through as you write your book. Because you will change.

You will gain clarity.

They say

'Dale acted as a catalyst that kept me going when it got tough! Writing a book is a personal journey of breaking through a number of limiting beliefs that can give a new author many difficult days and nights of self- doubt. Dale provided constant cheer leader support, encouragement and structure. I would highly recommend her to any new budding authors.' 

Andro Donovan - Motivate Yourself

Big shout out to Dale who's been helped me with structural editing for my book 'The Coach's Guide to Impostor Syndrome'. I'd written the content but it felt clunky, didn't flow and had obvious flaws like repetition. I didn't know how to fix it so I was feeling overwhelmed and helpless. Not fun!

Dale gave me great suggestions, tamed the confusing parts and told me the practical (and creative) steps. Now I'm really excited to be editing!!

Tara Halliday - Unmasked

'The entire process of producing a high quality book and brand has been made a lot more straight-forward with Dale's help and extensive contacts. Our regular Skype consultations were extremely valuable, informative and always left me feeling motivated and raring to go with my project. Writing a book is a massive challenge, but Dale sets a clear path and provides high quality, personal support, every step of the way. If you want someone professional yet approachable to help you with any aspect of writing or producing your book, I would highly recommend Dale and will definitely use her services again in the future.

Eva George - Size HH