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June 18th

How to turn your book into a biz

July 17th

How to turn your book into a course


How to create a product blueprint from your book idea

30 minutes of training

Bring YOU, your JOURNAL and pens to scribble.

This is 30 minutes of no BS or waffle training. 

15 minutes of Q&A.

Discover what it takes to WRITE a BRILLIANT book.

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If you love the training, you'll love the challenges.

Discover if you really want to write a book and what that book is.

The next challenge is Blog Your Book

Oh and you get a course to go with the challenge so that you can follow up after.

You can always edit a bad page, but you can't edit thin air...

Facilitator: Dale Darley


When I think about how I write a book, like anything in life it’s a process. When I decided to[...]
Success means different things to different people. You may write a book and never publish it, yet it is a[...]
Let's explore why you are writing a book. It is, I believe a very personal journey and one that you[...]
Writing a book is a big undertaking and something that I think people often shy away from because it feels[...]
You don’t have to be a famous name to make an impact, all you need is your heart in the[...]
Want to write a book? Is it on your bucket list or a must have or an mmm not sure,[...]
People talk about finding your writer's voice and it seems like such an odd expression given that we are (typically)[...]
As someone who loves challenges, I’m a sucker for most 30-day writing and blogging challenges. The only time I have[...]

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