Your Non-Fiction Book - 90 Day Group Program

Starts Thursday October 17th

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Awaken Your Inner Wisdom - Write The Right Book

Your investment £595

Write a book : Build your brand : Create a business you love

One of the biggest things aspiring authors wonder about is not only how to write a brilliant book, but how to use it to build their brand and create a business they love.

A book is NOT a business card, a book is a brand asset and on this program you will learn how to write your best book for right now.

A book will help you to attract more paying clients, help you to sell your other products and services and position you as a thought leader.

90 days : One brilliant book : 5 key areas covered

Plan and outline

Find the right book, create the outline and flow, and chunk it all down so that it is easier to write.

Write The First Draft

Getting to first draft requires focus, setting priorities, mindset and writing...

Edit And Revise

Moving your first draft through a process to a point where it is ready to publish.

Publish And Launch

A wonderfully exciting stage that sees your book published and launched.


What else can you create from your book that will enable you to generate a sustainable income?


  • ONE: Purchase before Friday 4th  October: Your bonuses - Book discovery call (£197) and WRITE! online course (£197)
  • TWO: Purchase before Friday 11th October : Your bonus - WRITE! online course (£197) 

WRITE will help you to not only find the best idea, but how to write and and publish it with confidence.

Discover what you want to create, where you are going, write a book, build your brand, know what you want to be known for and design a product blueprint and roadmap so that you have a business that you love.

Is this you?

  • You feel like you have been waiting forever to write this book. You know the time is NOW!
  • You are an action taker who knows that you have a powerful message for your ideal client. You want to inspire others to grow and change through learning what you have to teach.
  • You want to build a business around your book. You see the book as a starting point for further building your brand and creating a business that you love.
  • You want to create other products and services around your book, so that you add value to your community.
  • Having a book (the right book) will help you attract more business, and it would make your sales process more efficient by enabling you to target the right people to work with you.
Action taker

This program will help you to:-

  • Nail your big book idea before you start writing
  • Know how to research and find gaps in the market so that your book will stand out from the crowd
  • Outline it so that it’s easier to write
  • Know how to get that all important first draft written
  • Understand how to make the writing process easier

What does the actual program content look like? Watch this video to get an understanding of what we will be creating.

  • Understand the editing process
  • Choose the right publishing path for your and get step-by-step guidance to help you self-publish or how to write a brilliant book proposal and find the right agent for you
  • Launch your book and create a great marketing plan that you will want to implement
  • How to create other products and services around your book which will help you to create a business that you love

Write a brilliant book framework

Let's look at what we will create over 90 days

  • STEP 1: PLAN — We’ll come up with a brilliant idea that is perfect for your ideal reader before you start writing. Your book outline will be developed which will make it easier to write and ensure that the book flows to the right outcome for your reader.
  • STEP 2: PEN — Write your best book ever and make sure that it is connected to your core message and that it’s easy to understand, connects emotionally to your reader and is a joy to write.
  • STEP 3: EDIT — Edit like a professional so that your book is a pleasure to read.
  • STEP 4: PUBLISH — Wrap your words in the best cover and have a title that makes it stand out. Then, publish it on the right platform for you.
  • STEP 5: LAUNCH — Release and sell your book.
  • STEP 6: PROMOTE – Marketing activities that ensure that your book is seen and talked about and purchased.

We start October 10th

There is no shortage of people to sell you the dream, what I do is make this real. I will set your expectations and be honest with you about how to make this work for you and what you have to do to make this book program work for you.

Getting started is the hardest part, but having someone to support you makes it easier

Many people who want to write a book, never do. They are put off for many reasons, not least that they don’t know which idea is the right idea for right now. Those that do rarely do anything else with it. I’m going to support you so that you can see that there is another way.

Your 12 Weeks

ONE- The right book for right now

TWO- Your Ideal Reader

THREE – The Outline, Flow And Content

FOUR - Chapter Frameworks And Your First Chapter

Five - Just Keep Writing

SIX - The Title, Blurb And Cover

SEVEN- The Publishing Process

EIGHT – The Editing Plan

NINE - Getting To Final Draft

TEN – The Marketing Plan

ELEVEN – The Product Road map

TWELVE – Publish And Promote

Here are all of the extra bits that will make your 90 day book program a success

Optional 121 sessions with Dale

Weekly live training

Live Q&A Sessions

Daily support in the group

Course to support your learning

Write-a-thons (half day group writing events)

Accountability buddies

Space for success

Publishing Options

How to do this so that it doesn’t consume your life


You probably have a mountain of questions, so, let's get them answered. First, watch the video which explains what is going to happen. If after reading these FAQ's you still have questions, book in for a call.


What day of the week and time do the training sessions take place on?  

We meet every Thursday for 12 weeks. 4 pm CET/3 pm UK /7 am PST/9 am CST/10 am EST/11 pm ACST. We meet on Zoom. The sessions are recorded and placed in the group.


Will I be able to write my book and be ready to publish in 90 days?

Possibly... Realistically? How many words do you plan to write and how many hours per day will you commit to writing and editing? Will you clear your diary and make the necessary time for this book? If you set the right intentions and take the appropriate action - no excuses - then yes you can.

Let's say that you want to write a book of 30,000 words, over a 30 day period you can write 1000 per day. Then you need to take at least one week off your writing. Then we move into editing - never under estimate how much energy this takes. Once that is done you can hand it over to your proof reader. Next upload to Amazon and press publish.


What happens if I can't make a session?

If you can't make a session you will have access to a course called WRITE! (provided as part of your early sign up bonuses) and you will be able to watch the relevant lectures and be able to catch up. You can ask questions in the group and you can also book into for private 1:1 coaching  (at an additional fee). 


Can I pay in instalments?

You can. You pay £297.50 now and £297.50 in 30 days. Pay here.


Can I have a private book discovery session with you first?

You can. We will work together for 3 hours (plus breaks) and finding the right book and getting it to draft outline. Book here. Then on the program you can refine it before you start to write - saving you time. Alternatively you can get a shorter book discovery session as part of your early sign up - see above.


Can I just take the online course?

Indeed you can. It's extremely comprehensive. And if you find that you need more support, please come back and chat with me. You can enrol here.


Mmmm I'm not sure that this is for me...

I completely understand. How about booking a call and let's chat. Then we will both know if we can work together.

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