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Got a book to write? Up against a tight deadline? Publisher screaming for your book?

And breathe...

Dale Darley


Call your publisher and tell them your book is on its way

Then allow your imagination to fast forward you to the launch date.  How does that feel? What do you see? Pretty cool, isn't it, knowing that you published your book on time to a waiting audience?

A truly immersive luxury non-fiction writing experience in Spain. 

Come to Spain for a month, leave with your book written and ready to go to your publisher.

You can tell them to stop nagging you now.

Enjoy putting pen to paper in a gorgeous villa, country house or castle. Feast your imagination in a delicious setting designed to encourage your creativity and restore your soul.

No cooking or cleaning for you as you fire up your senses, weave your words while sampling the gastronomic delights from secret Spain.

To ease your writer's shoulders and fingers and keep your energy balanced imagine the delights of your daily mind, body and soul treat.

Together we would get your book out of your head, get it outlined and written. I'm your coach, co-writer, editor, inspirer, and motivator.

It's not all work and no play. Books need reflective spaces, so we will throw in some fun stuff or maybe time to sip a delicious glass of something and simply stare at the stars.

This fully tailored writing experience starts at just £30k.

Did you call your publisher now and tell them the book is on its way?

​Meet Dale

What you need to know is that your book becomes our book and I will put my wisdom, experience and energy into helping you become an author.

I've written and published many books and support my clients through an intuitive process that gets the work done.

I'm fun, I love cake and I'm mum to three beautiful rescues who I will visit while we are together. 

Unplug from life Plug into your book

30 days to your book.

What Are You Waiting For? Let's get your book written